Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another copycat site...

It's all fair game, but somehow it still hurts to see my site copied. Especially when they do it so much better than I can hehe. Anyways, if you're into watch searches, you deserve to see They even aggregate pictures and location info!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Open Source!

I decided to make EDS open source and appeal to EDS's users for a new form of fix/feature request: actual code changes. The code which lists the websites and parses their links is present on github now:

If you want a website listed or fixed or even a new category, just modify the code and send a "pull request" to me and I will integrate your changes into EDS's code. I wrote more on the topic here:

Please comment; I'm curious to know if anybody would be actually interested in working with me like this.

Normal reports of broken links/sites are still invited, of course!

Friday, August 20, 2010

New updates!

Thanks for your patience guys, and continuing to post on the blog.

FIXED: watchuseek (this site is hella slow, anyone know why?)
FIXED: chronocentric
ADDED: watchfreeks (thanks James)
ADDED: (thanks Paul McM)
CHECKED: OSWF (what happened? everyone stopped posting abruptly)
ADDED: PMWF <$100 subforum (thanks Reto, and thanks for the link)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Latest news!

Brainstemprojects is no more, so I've had to move elitedealseeker to dreamhost.

Fixed a bug where duplicate ads were showing up.

- applied for account at OSWF (they put log-in requirement)
- fixed orientalwatchsite
- fixed timetechtalk (is now using "ultrabb"...sigh)

- fixed pmwf (new link syntax)
- can't fix tz-uk (needs login, and when I try to register, I get "Creating a new account is currently not possible.")- fixed xdtalk (they split their sales forum into subforums - different urls, etc. :()

currently I am working on some algorithm to read a webpage and intelligently guess at what the ads are, WITHOUT relying specifically on the code produced by individual boards (vbulletin, ipboard, etc.). It works pretty good so far, but network54 and a couple others are still a challenge...if I can get it to work, then sites should break much less often, if at all

thank you for your continuing to visit this site :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

round of updates

REMOVED: thewatchboard
FIXED: armslist link updates, parser fixed (thanks Jon!)
PENDING: (requires login, need to do cookie research)
PENDING: BDWF (will the real BDWF please stand up? is it or

moving the feedback board to blogger!

- Google does the spam blocking for me
- Much easier for me to notify you of updates

- If you do not comment on a post within 7 days, you must have a blogger account to post (this is spam preventation)